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Christmas Essence Wundle

Christmas Essence Wundle


Enjoy continuous long lasting fragrance from a stylish tin that you can put anywhere in your home, car office, dorm room or take it with you when you travel. No heat, no electric, no flame and no soot.


Large containers are designed for larger rooms such as kitchens, family rooms or living rooms. Large containers can also help with strong odors that can come with pets or smoking. Fragrance in the large containers will last about 1 year.


Small containers are designed for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, offices, dorm rooms and cars. Fragrance in the small containers will last about 6 months.

NOTE:  When using the small container in your car, we recommended to put the cover on the container when left parked, especially on hot, sunny days since the wax will soften, and may melt, when the interior of your car gets over 100 degrees. This will also cause the fragrance to become stronger. If the wax does soften or melt, just put the cover back on and move the container to a cool place and let the wax harden. Once the wax has hardened you can continue to use as normal.

Recommended Usage:

Remove Lid
Sit Back
Enjoy & Relax


When the tin no longer has a scent, scrape off the top layer of wax. Repeat this action until the tin is empty.
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